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The Benefits of Guest Posting

The Benefits of Guest Posting

Guest posting on other websites benefits you and the web master. The website receives content that attracts people to click on their website- the benefits are obvious. Why should you guest post and what are the benefits?


There’s a saying in the writer’s community – “I’ll die of exposure!” It’s a tough one to overcome. Try to get paid jobs but guest posts, especially in the beginning, have to be about exposure.
You’re getting people interested in what you have to say, that counts for a lot. Every art is the same, in the beginning; you just have to get people interested. With talent and a lot of hard-work the tables turn. Make sure you visit this amazing website BigGuestPosting, for more information.


Every guest post you will ever write is another notch on your experience belt. You will learn to work with different people, different clients, editors, styles, deadlines. This all adds to your careers pathway. Writing is a solitary art but you have to deal with people all the time if you want anyone to read what you wrote. Guest posts are a great way of learning how people think, what they want and what needs to be improved.


When you guest post you’re working with someone and learning how to overcome things together. Your communication might be through a screen but you still need to work as a team if you want both sides to be happy. While working for a client is often one-sided – they want this and you have to give it to them, guest posting is about both sides being happy. Yes, the editor is the one publishing your work so they have a bit of an upper hand, but they want to see the best from you too, don’t forget that. Keep in mind, that you visit this amazing website BigGuestPosting, for more information.

Sense of Accomplishment

Just being published by someone else who thought what you wrote was so good they put it on their website makes you feel like you just wrote a bestseller. It’s the best feeling in the world. The sense of accomplishment in anything you do is a better high than any drug. You put work into it and it paid off. You have something to show for it.


Guest posts benefit your portfolio, so you can get more guest posts, you can get paid for your posts, and you can work and live as a writer. Your portfolio should always be growing and you have to make sure you’re always working on it. Guest posts are a great thing for clients and editors to see. They show you have the talent to pitch, write and deliver. Repeat guests posts are even better – they show you are disciplined and likable so much that they worked with you again.

Benefits of guest posts are numerous and many writers forget to see because they are focused on the payoff. Your long-term career is a lot more important than the money; you can do anything for money, but writing for a career – that should be your goal, always.

Desert USA

Desert USA is a website about all things desert (not to be confused with dessert) in the United States of America and Canada. They are focused on travel in North America, the wildlife, cultural history, wildlife, and geology. They accept photo blogs and pay 50$ for each article they publish. They are accepting submissions all year long and your article, if featured, will be posted on a website that gets half a million visitors every month.

World Wide Travel Guide

World Wide Travel Guide is a UK based travel blog that accepts all kinds of guides. The article must be minimum 500 words and related to travel in any kind. They like backpacker’s guides, holiday adventures, and especially food-related posts. They want to see your photos, videos and they will make sure you are not plagiarising anyone else’s content. In return, they offer a feature of your website as well as a small bio.

Heather on Her Travels

Heather on Her Travels is a personal website that is focused on Europe but features other destinations as well. She doesn’t always accept guest posts but if you follow the guidelines and fit the theme well she will feature you as well.

The website is focused on 40+ travelers with money to spend. She’s looking for exotic destinations, beautiful scenery, and good food. She offers exposure and a backlink to your website. Guidelines are straightforward – original, informative content, personal tone, 40+ readership.

Britain Outdoors

Britain Outdoors is UK based and focuses on anything UK, especially outdoor activities. They are always accepting guest posts but they would like them to be original with photos and videos to prove. In exchange, you get a link to your website and a feature on their website.