4i2i | Shower Doors – What do you want to know?
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Shower Doors – What do you want to know?

Shower Doors – What do you want to know?

Shower door a common household accessory that many of us encounter in our day to day lives, yet pay little attention to its existence. Both functional and aesthetically pleasing, shower doors form part of a collection of pieces which together create the modern marvel and everyday essential item – the shower. While many of us interact with showers as a whole, one rarely stops to think about the individual parts that make up the whole. Did you know that shower doors come in many shapes, styles and sizes – each with their own advantages and disadvantages? Well this article aims to explore the wonderful world of shower doors and help you – the reader – choose the right shower door for your home. Make sure, that you are reading steam shower reviews.

Pivot shower doors are one of the more common types that one comes across. Much like a regular door, this shower door features a glass pane that is attached to a hinge and swings outwards or inwards. The pivot shower door allows you to create your own confined space, dedicated to hygiene – which is probably not the best option if you’re prone to claustrophobia.

Not only are they practical and stylish, but they are also one of the more affordable and durable choices.

If you’re looking to add something a little extra to your bathroom and recreate that idyllic spa-like experience, invest in a pivot steam shower door like this one from Kohler. These beauties seal in the steam from your shower to give you that glorious sauna feeling for more information read steam shower reviews.


A simple looking item with a complex mechanical system at work. Sliding shower doors work by having a pane of glass mounted onto tracks which fixed onto the shower structure. The track then enables the pane of glass to move backwards or forwards to open and close the shower. With this variation of shower doors, you have the option to either have one or two doors which slide open and closed.

Sliding Shower doors are the perfect option for the homeowner looking for a modern, yet space saving solution for smaller spaces, as they are fixed onto the actual shower and don’t open into the space.

If these shower doors where a food item at your favourite fast food restaurant, they would be the classic cheese burger. Timeless, practical and affordable, these shower doors are the best options for really small spaces and are budget friendly.

The Bi-fold shower doors feature glass panes which fold into themselves, and gives you space you need to get on with your daily hygiene routine, without getting in your way.

To spruce up your shower you could either opt for a vibrant frame, or chose a more elegant design that is the all glass bi-fold door.

The pièce de résistance, frameless shower enclosure are the epitome of industrial chic. Featuring a single glass pane attached to the wall with a rod, in an effort to corner off the shower area, these shower doors not only elevate the overall aesthetic of the bathroom, but they also give off that classic minimalist style.

Shower door are mostly equipped in places with standing type of showers. In contrary to some who might believe, these showers are having separate doors from the main bathroom one. The popularity of shower doors increased recently as before it was considered a luxury — unlike popular shower curtains — and only seen in high class places, however it became more witnessed and accepted by people over the years, to the extent that some people intentionally ask for it when they are preparing their house for marriage or refurnishing it especially when they want more visual space in their small bathrooms.

Aside being nice looking, shower doors’ advantages are its openness, easy maintenance and ability to let light flow through the whole bathroom without leaving any dark places. It can also add a value to your bathroom by decorating it based on your favourite shape, or the one that suits the bathroom the most, with variety of shapes whether circular, triangular or boxy ones. The most popular type of these doors are glass shower doors, which looks elegant. This type is mostly seen in hotels. However, there are multiple types of glass doors, therefore choosing the right one will highly depend on your preference. The most popular three types are frameless, semi-frameless, framed, which each includes two types of them, either sliding or pivot.

Cleaning the shower door

Read the guidelines on a container of WD-40 for cleaning shower door. Open a window to ventilate the room before you start. Try not to breathe in the air when you utilize this item. Open the shower door. Splash the whole door with a light covering of WD-40. Enable it to set undisturbed for a few minutes. At that point, wipe the door clean with a spotless fabric. Reapply WD-40 to the shower door if the main application didn’t wipe off the build-up altogether. Enable it to douse again for a few minutes.