4i2i | Planning on getting a Computer?
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Planning on getting a Computer?

Planning on getting a Computer?

A computer is any machine or a device that will receive raw data through the computer programming and processes it into meaningful information. The processed data can be arithmetic or logical operations. There are many devices that are also computerized which mean they also work with programs, examples of these devices are smartphones, microwave etcetera. Computer is very important in every home because nowadays almost everything has been computerized and it is difficult to live without a computer. Examinations are now conducted with the computer, job interviews are conducted via the computer so computer is a very important device at home. In 2017 UNICEF did a campaign which was about computer awareness, the campaign was to make computer education reach the people that were still computer illiterates. Over the years, the computer has been modified into a portable and mobile device so there are different types of computer which include:

Types of computer classified by uses

  • The Analog computer: This was the first type of the computer that was invented; it was made to work with electric currents and programs that were passed by binary numbers. An example of this is the mainframe computer. This type of computer has a very big size and it is not mobile. It can only be used in a spot.
  • Digital computer: a digital computer is the latest and it can also be referred to as the digital electronic computer because it works as a digital and electronic device. This kind of computer has a small size and is mobile.
  • Hybrid computer: Hybrid computer is a computer that has both characteristics of the analog and digital computers. The digital feature of the computer solves logical and numerical functions while the analog feature solves complex equations. This type of computer has a very big size and is not mobile due to its size.

Furthermore, computers can be of different types based on the size in which they have been modified over the years. They include smartphones, minicomputer, and microcomputers amongst others.

Uses of computer

Calculation: A computer can be used to calculate arithmetical equations and it can be used to calculate simple logic too. The computer calculates very fast and it also gives an accurate answer.

Recreation: This function of the computer is exciting especially for kids. The computer can be used to play different kind of games, 3D games, java games etcetera. The computer has a screen that can display many games and the games can be played with the joystick or the keyboard. The computer can also be used to watch movies as it has a DVD ROM which helps it to play videos. The computer can also function as a music player as it can also play music.

Keeping data: Computer can also be used as a database. Many companies and organizations use the computer as their database because it has a good storage system and it can store data in a good and arranged form. The computer is good to be used as a database because it has good security for data stored on it because the data can be locked with a password which only the user will know. The data can also be written in a raw form which means in binary numbers.

Making designs: The computer can be used to design many things, so far it is what is being used for designing most, it can be used to design placards, flyers, logos and so on. The computer can also be used for editing; it can be used to edit and design pictures and videos. The computer can also be used to create cartoons.

Surfing: Nowadays, almost everything can be done on the internet, as a result of this, it is very important to have a computer because it is easy to surf the internet with the computer. You can check many things on search engines like google.com, ask.com etcetera. The computer can also be used to shop on the internet because there are many online malls at which you can order goods with the computer and it will be delivered to your doorstep. The computer can also be used to watch videos, listen to music, read and do many other things on the internet.

Maintaining the computer

  • Keep the computer away from dust; many people get disappointed when their computer develops a fault overnight, but it should not be surprising because dust can cause a whole lot of damage to the computer. Dust can make the keyboard of a computer to stop working, this seriously applies to laptop computers as the dust can block the keypad and hinder it to work. To avoid this, it is compulsory to keep the computer in a dust free environment and also make sure that the computer is cleaned from time to time.
  • Ventilation: The computer is a device that can be really affected by heat; it is a serious issue that affects users of the computer that lives in places with hot weather. It is advisable to keep the computer at 25 degrees Celsius because that is the normal room temperature for the computer. In hot weather, it is very difficult to achieve this even with the room ventilated enough so it is advisable to have a fan in the room where the computer is kept or get a good air conditioner that can keep the room at any temperature of your choice.
  • Antivirus: The computer is prone to a virus which can make it malfunction or sometimes destroy it. The virus can enter a computer through the internet or the usage of the corrupted external drive. To avoid the virus, it is good to install antivirus on the computer. Antivirus is an application that works against the virus by not allowing it to enter the computer and preventing any virus to affect the computer.
  • Deleting useless files: The computer should not be jam-packed with files that are no more useful. If unnecessary files are kept, the memory of the computer can be occupied and it will begin to malfunction. So as a result, unnecessary files should be deleted from time to time.

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