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Get familiar with some Pokemon GO characters

Get familiar with some Pokemon GO characters

Pokemon GO is a very popular game among youth and is simply an augmented reality game which is presently available for Android and iOS devices. The success of the game was a combined effort from two parties i.e. the Nintendo and Niantic from the outstanding Pokemon Company. The game was released in 2016 and since then it has been on the two most used platforms. The game has not been a disappointment to the world of the game as it has been of a standard having outstanding graphics, perfect pictures and light file which makes it easier to play. Furthermore, the story of the game is so superb and easy to comprehend which is the reason why it always entices the gamers thus pleasing their heart. One of the unique features of the game is the characters that come with it as all the characters have different power and ability that makes the game one of the best-augmented reality games. Before playing the game, it is very important to read about the various characters in the game because each has its own ability and special functions as it will be so unreasonable to play the game without a clear understanding of the various characters have there are over 200 Pokemon characters that one have to choose from.

Common Pokemon GO characters

Since there are more than 200 Pokemon GO characters, it is necessary to know about some of the most used characters as these are common characters that gamers love using when playing the game. Some of the characters are:

Fire-type characters:- there are some very wonderful characters under this group that can aid the best scores in the game and some of them are;

  • Arcanine:- this is one of the characters that one should trust as it comes with some powerful and high abilities such as maximum CP of 2983.90, a base attack of 230, base defense of 180, the base stamina of 8% and flee rate of 6%. All these abilities make the character one of the best characters in the game that has been seen as one of the top choices of gamers.
  • Flareon:- this is another good character that has one of the best abilities. Flareon has maximum CP of 2643.43, a base attack of 238, base defense of 178, the base stamina of 130, the capture rate of 12% and flee rate of 6%. All this makes the character a good character to choose for the best enjoyment of the game.
  • Charizard:- this character also falls under the fire type character. The character has strong abilities that make it one of the most used characters. It has maximum CP of 2602.20, a base attack of 212, base defense of 182, the base stamina of 156, the capture rate of 4% and flee rate of 5%.

All the above characters fall under the special type of character known as fire type character.

Water type characters:- these are the few characters that add to the excitement of the game. The following falls under the water type characters

  • Lapras:- gamers that have played Pokemon GO will be able to relate to how good this character is as it is one of the top water type characters as it comes with maximum CP of 73, base attack of 186, base defense of 190, base stamina of 260, capture rate of 16% and flee rate of 9%. All these abilities make Lapras a unique character.
  • Gyarados:- this is another water type character that has max Cp of 2688.89, a base attack of 192, base defense of 196, the base stamina of 190 and capture rate of 8%, and flee rate of 7%. All these abilities make Gyarados one of the most used characters among gamers.
  • Vaporeon:- this character makes the list because it has the powerful ability and is also a popular character in the game used by gamers. Vaporeon comes with max Cp of 2816.25, a base attack of 186, base defense of 168, the base stamina of 260, the capture rate of 12%, Flee rate 6%. If new gamers that would want to try Pokemon GO, Vaporeon will be a good character to watch out for.

Electric-type characters:- there are some important characters that make the entire game the most play and some of these characters are;

  • Electabuzz:- this character is another good special character that must be watched out for in the Pokemon GO as it comes with max CP 2119.17, a base attack of 198, base defense of 160, the base stamina of 130, the capture rate of 24%, flee rate of 9%.
  • Jolteon:- this character comes with the following abilities; maximum Cp of 2140.27, a base attack of 192, base defense of 174, the base stamina of 130, the capture rate of 12% and flee rate of 6%.
  • Raichu:- this also a good character to watch out for if you are new to the game as it comes with the following abilities, max Cp of 2028.30, a base attack of 200, base defense of 154, the base stamina of 120, capture rate of 8% and flee rate of 6%.

The above characters are so useful in playing the Pokemon GO as all add special features that entertain game lovers.

Grass-type characters:- Pokemon GO won’t be considered as a good game without the grass type characters and some of the popular characters under this group are;

  • Exeggutor:- this is one of the leading characters when it comes of the quality of ability has Exeggutor comes with Max CP 2955.18, a base attack of 232, the base of defense of 164, the base stamina of 190, the capture rate of 16%, and flee rate of 6 %.
  • Victreebel:- if you are planning on playing this game which you should then watch out for Victreebel as it is one of the top characters with max CP of 2580.49, a base attack of 222, base defense of 152, the base stamina of 160, the capture rate of 10% and flee rate of 5%

Play Pokemon GO on your smartphones and tablets to enjoy the very best of the game.