4i2i | Airsoft as a form of entertainment and training
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Airsoft as a form of entertainment and training

Airsoft as a form of entertainment and training

There is a game with which people can train their physical abilities and mental abilities at the same time. But what is this sport? The airsoft is a recreational sports activity that allows players to use air weapons in simulated situations, very similar to military actions carried out in battlefields.

In this sport the weapons used do not cause any harm to people when they receive some impact from projectiles. This happens because the weapons are designed solely for this activity and cannot be modified in any way to cause damage to the players. However, these weapons are designed to look exactly like real weapons.

In this sense, weapons are used depending on the situations that are being simulated, since there are airsoft games set in historical situations. So, in this way you can practice airsoft with ww2 airsoft guns, which have all the same characteristics of weapons in this era, both the advantages and the defects.

The tactics used in this sport help you to create mental and physical abilities, since the players try to be as attentive as possible to beat the opponents, so they must keep moving constantly. This applies when playing in open spaces or enclosed spaces.

Modalities of the airsoft game

The airsoft has different game modes that make this sport a very interesting activity for young people today. Each modality has its own specific rules and its own forms of play.

Among these modalities we can highlight the following:

  • Team against team: in this modality two or more teams of players are created, which should try to eliminate their opponents as soon as possible. In this modality the game of catching the flag is very common.
  • Military simulation: in this modality a situation is posed where players must use real strategies and make use of military materials, such as current weapons, mines, grenades, etc.
  • Historical simulations: these are simulations of historical events where players have specific roles that they must fulfill perfectly. World War II is one of the most frequent simulations, where players make use of ww2 airsoft guns.

These are the most common modalities of this game, which can be done with an indefinite time or with a previously established time. This form of games makes each experience unique and special.

Honor system

Regardless of which mode you are playing, all players must follow the honor code. In essence, this code requires players to be honest when receiving an impact for a projectile.

This is necessary due to the fact that the projectiles are made of materials such as plastic or biodegradable materials, with a diameter of no more than 6 millimeters and with a mass of 0.2 grams. These characteristics do not leave any mark on the body after receiving the impact.

Then, each player at the moment of receiving an impact must shout that he is eliminated and go to the safe areas. Although no visible marks are left at the moment of impact, both the current weapons and the ww2 airsoft guns leave small bruises on the body.

Weapons for airsoft games

The weapons for this type of activities are special, since as mentioned above the ammunition are different to avoid causing some kind of damage to the players. These weapons are driven by different mechanisms, which differ in the speed of the shot.

There are those weapons that shoot using springs to propel the projectiles and weapons that use gases as a way to propel the projectile. In this last method the bullets come out much faster, and that is why weapons must be well calibrated for proper operation.

All weapons must comply with certain regulations to function properly and to be legal. One of these conditions is that all weapons, whether current or ww2 airsoft guns, must have an orange belt to identify that they are non-lethal weapons.

Rules to play airsoft

Each game has its rules and the airsoft is no exception. This game has rules that ensure the safety of each of the players, so that they do not end up injured in any way. Some of these rules are the following:

  • Players must have mandatory protection, especially on the face and eyes, wearing protective glasses and helmets.
  • You cannot shoot any opponent at less than five meters away, if so the player who shot will be disqualified.
  • You cannot shoot to the face. The most advisable thing is to shoot the torso and avoid firing at the crotch.
  • The player must follow the honor code. That is to say, he must withdraw from the game by receiving the amount of shots established by all players (usually one)
  • If you are within 5 meters of an opponent who has not noticed, you should not shoot, but you can announce that he is dead due to proximity, so the player must withdraw from the game.
  • If you do not have a clear vision of the target, you cannot shoot. A shot without clear vision can lead to player disqualification.

These are the most general rules that this game has. All players must follow these rules to avoid being disqualified. The only difference with these games is when different modalities are used for simulations, both military and historical.

In historical simulations, the use of strategies is not so necessary, since only ww2 airsoft guns are used to replicate historical events, but also the rules must be fulfilled.